Buying Hearing Aids During COVID-19 / Coronavirus Outbreak

This page includes important information about buying and servicing your hearing aids during the COVID-19 outbreak. Online retailers such as Direct Hearing offer remote services you can use from home without taking any risks. Call our specialists today to discuss your needs and how we can safely and efficiently treat your hearing loss risk-free: 888-532-0786

With businesses all over the country closing down due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Buying and servicing your hearing aids remotely online is the only way to assure safety during a pandemic.

Manufacturers are recommending the use of remote services in order to adjust and program hearing aids. Taking advantage of new recent laws allowing for the sale and service of hearing aids remotely as the best method of getting new hearing aids fitted.

In the United States there are thousands of confirmed cases in all states making leaving the house and going to clinics more dangerous every day. Some clinics are taking special precautions to assure the safety of their patients but not many are offering this exclusive in home service and support. 

What can you do remotely? (Hearing Aid Testing, Fitting and Adjustment Services)

- GET TESTED - Test your hearing 100% free with our pure tone audiometry. hearing loss test online.

- SHOP FOR BEST HEARING AIDS - Find the world's leading hearing aids and get professional consultation free of charge with an expert about your needs and the different options

- SAVE THOUSANDS: LITERALLY - Get unbeatable guaranteed lowest prices on hearing aids with a class leading 60-day FULL money back guarantee.

- ADJUST & PROGRAM AT HOME - Get support for your hearing aids from the comfort of your own home using your Smartphone, Tablet of Home Computer. 


Speak to one of our hearing aid experts today for more information, this is truly the way of the future and it's available for you today, when you need it most.

Direct Hearing prides itself on not only offering the best prices in the hearing aid industry, but is the only online hearing aid clinic in the industry to use CDC recommended materials when dealing with hearing aids. From the moment the hearing aids are received from the manufacturer they are handled by expert specialist using non-latex based gloves as well as a full gown to further decrease the chance of contamination. Staff are being thoroughly vetted daily to confirm no sign of sickness as well as isolating our programming specialist in order to maintain the strictest of cleanliness standards.

Don't take the risk of leaving your house in order to secure your hearing again. Take advantage of the amazing services offered by Direct Hearing and save yourself time, money, health, and energy. Buying hearing aids online is safe, secure, easy, and most importantly healthy. All you need to do after you purchase your hearing aids from Direct Hearing is simply submit your hearing test and wait for your brand new hearing aids to arrive to your front do. Make the safest choice for your health and buy online.