Experience the Latest in Hearing Technology with the Widex SmartRIC Hearing Aid

Experience the Latest in Hearing Technology with the Widex SmartRIC Hearing Aid

  • Feb 12, 2024

What makes the Widex SmartRIC hearing aid a choice worth considering? From enhancing clarity in noisy environments to offering effortless recharging, it holds a promise for a more natural listening experience. Discover what sets the SmartRIC apart in this article, where we dissect its defining features, including sound processing advancements and design ingenuity, all essential for daily use.


Key Takeaways


  • The Widex SmartRIC hearing aid features an L-shaped design and advanced technology such as PureSound with ZeroDelay and Variable Speed Compression, emphasizing natural sound quality and enhanced speech clarity in a variety of environments.
  • User experience is optimized with features like MySound and TruAcoustics for personalized sound settings, reduction of wind and touch noise, and long-lasting battery life with a convenient, portable charging solution.
  • Widex supports hearing care professionals with Continuing Education Unit courses and tailored training, while also providing a modern, stylish design in the SmartRIC hearing aids to increase user acceptance and reduce stigma.


Revolutionary Design for Natural Hearing

Innovative L-shaped design of Widex SmartRIC hearing aids


When it comes to hearing aids, the Widex SmartRIC hearing aid sets a new standard. Its features include:


  • Groundbreaking L-shaped design that improves microphone angles, aligning with the wearer’s listening focus for enhanced directionality and speech targeting
  • Enhanced directionality of sound, reducing unwanted background noise
  • Offers a more natural sound experience


This digital hearing aid is a testament to Widex’s commitment to providing hearing care professionals with hearing solutions that offer the most natural sound experience.


New Angles of Natural Sound

The Widex SmartRIC hearing aids are designed with improved microphone angles, incorporating angles of natural hearing to optimize directional focus. This significant feature, known as Widex SmartRIC directs focus, aids in better directionality, helping users engage with the world more naturally.


In addition, the directed focus, optimized by the design, plays a key role in advanced sound processing across different settings, thereby enhancing conversational abilities of the user. This new angle of natural sound translates into a more robust brain signal, offering a more natural sound experience, even in challenging sound environments. As a professionally trained listener, one can truly appreciate the benefits of this technology in a sound environment.


Reducing Touch Noise and Wind Interference

For Widex, every detail is meticulously considered to achieve the most natural sound. The newly designed microphone inlets on Widex SmartRIC hearing aids effectively minimize the muffled sounds caused by touch noise, enhancing the comfort of the listening experience.


In conjunction with the microphone inlets, the covers help reduce wind noise and other disturbances, including the noise made when the device is touched by the wearer. This feature is particularly beneficial in outdoor settings, where wind interference can often distort sound quality.


Advanced Sound Processing for Any Environment

Advanced sound processing technologies in Widex SmartRIC hearing aids



The Widex SmartRIC hearing aid goes beyond design, focusing also on providing top-quality sound. The PureSound with ZeroDelay technology sets new standards for sound processing speed and quality.


Additionally, the Variable Speed Compression technology in SmartRIC dynamically adjusts the sound processing speed to fit diverse acoustic settings, ensuring a natural sound experience under varying circumstances. Furthermore, the Wind Noise Attenuation system significantly reduces wind noise for clearer sound in outdoor settings.


Background Noise Reduction

Effectively reducing background noise is one of the major challenges faced by hearing aids. The Widex SmartRIC hearing aids excel in this area, utilizing advanced microphone placement and Sound Class Technology to significantly reduce background noise and enhance speech clarity in noisy environments.


The unique L-shape design of the Widex SmartRIC hearing aids helps to elevate their position on the ear, contributing to better hearing in conversations, even in noisy environments. Moreover, the improved microphone angles align with the wearer’s listening focus, enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio for better speech recognition in noise.


Situations Natural Sound Experience

Widex SmartRIC hearing aids aim to provide a natural sound experience under different scenarios. The Widex MySound technology utilizes artificial intelligence (Ai) to enable users to customize the hearing aid’s sound settings for a variety of listening environments.


Moreover, the Widex TruAcoustics technology personalizes the audio experience by adjusting the hearing aids to match the unique acoustical characteristics of each user’s ears. The comfort for outdoor use is preserved by maintaining the clarity of important sounds even in windy situations.


Power and Convenience in One Package

Long-lasting battery life and portable charging solutions with Widex SmartRIC devices


The Widex SmartRIC hearing aid exemplifies a perfect blend of power and convenience. The hearing aid can be fully charged in just four hours using the fast-charging case.


A quick 30-minute charge can provide up to 8 hours of listening time, offering significant convenience for users on the go, thanks to the improved battery life.


Long-lasting Battery Life

It’s worth noting that a single full charge of the Widex SmartRIC hearing aid provides up to 37 hours of use. The Charge n Clean charger features temperature stabilization technology that ensures optimal battery performance during charging.


Moreover, the Widex portable charger can deliver five full charges to the SmartRIC hearing aid, allowing for over a week of use without needing to plug into a power source. This means you can enjoy your hearing aids without worrying about the battery life.


Portable Charging Solution

The portable charging solution from Widex is equally impressive as the hearing aids. The charging cases are compact, lightweight, and feature wireless power transfer technology for convenient charging.


The portable charger’s design is tailored for easy transport, small enough to fit into a bag or pocket, which matches the on-the-go lifestyle of users. Moreover, LED light indicators provide essential feedback on the charging status, offering instant visibility so users can be confident their hearing aids are charged and ready for use.


Support from Hearing Care Professionals

Widex not only focuses on developing innovative Widex hearing aids but also on backing the hearing care professionals like Direct Hearing who bring these solutions to patients. Widex offers Continuing Education Unit (CEU) courses and training solutions for hearing care professionals through a partnership with Audiology Online.


They provide online education opportunities for professionals to earn CEUs and learn new methods to assist their patients and enhance their practice. In-office personalized training sessions are available for hearing care professionals to increase their knowledge about Widex products and fitting software. This ensures that patients receive the best possible care.


Personalization and Style

Personalization and style are integral to the Widex SmartRIC hearing aids. The hearing aids feature a contemporary design with soft rounded edges and are celebrated as the shortest in their class, showcasing elegance similar to glasses’ temple tips.


Available in five stylish colors, including Tech BlackDark CherryHoney BlondeSilver Grey, the Widex SmartRIC provides users with the ability to select a device that best fits their personal style. The modern and sleek design of the SmartRIC hearing aids aims to increase user acceptance and reduce the stigma often associated with hearing aid devices. With the Widex smartric features, users can enjoy a seamless and comfortable listening experience.



From the innovative design to the advanced sound processing technologies and long-lasting battery life, the Widex SmartRIC hearing aid offers a comprehensive solution for individuals with hearing difficulties.  With proper fitting, adjustments, and regular maintenance, you can get the most out of your Widex hearing aids and enjoy an enhanced hearing experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes the design of the Widex SmartRIC hearing aid unique?

The Widex SmartRIC hearing aid's unique L-shaped design improves microphone angles for enhanced directionality and natural hearing.


How does the Widex SmartRIC hearing aid reduce background noise?

The Widex SmartRIC hearing aid reduces background noise through advanced microphone placement and Sound Class Technology.


How long does the battery of the Widex SmartRIC hearing aid last?

The battery of the Widex SmartRIC hearing aid lasts up to 37 hours with one full charge, providing ample usage time.


How does Widex support hearing care professionals?

Widex supports hearing care professionals by offering Continuing Education Unit (CEU) courses and training solutions through a partnership with Audiology Online. This allows professionals to further their education and skills.


What color options are available for the Widex SmartRIC hearing aid?

The Widex SmartRIC hearing aid is available in five stylish colors, including Tech Black, Dark Cherry, Honey Blonde, Silver Grey. Choose the one that fits your style best.