Introducing Phonak's Latest: Audeo Paradise Hearing Aids!

Introducing Phonak's Latest: Audeo Paradise Hearing Aids!

  • Aug 25, 2020

 The Hearing Aid tech giant just released a new platform, the Phonak Paradise and boy are we excited about it!

Phonak has been revolutionizing the Hearing Aid market for over 40 years, always keeping ahead of the competition with features simply not found in other units. They back their technology up with excellent customer service and true dedication to customer and specialist success. To say the least, over here at Direct Hearing, We're fans! 

Although the outgoing chip platform is still very powerful and capable, the new Paradise PRISM chip takes this a step further with powerhouse processing, built in motion sensors and much more. We've attached a video below for you to watch about the new chip. (Scroll down to watch it)

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So what is new?

A New Paradigm in Sound Quality

Audéo Paradise is the first hearing aid to benefit from Sonova’s new sound processing chip, PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management), which allows a host of newly developed hardware and software features to help consumers rediscover the wonders of sound from the moment they are fit. The hearing aids deliver crisp, natural sound in any environment for excellent sound quality. In quiet situations, soft voices over distance are enhanced by a speech enhancer. With Motion Sensor Hearing, the hearing aids can detect when the wearer is moving while having a conversation and will automatically adjust the directional microphones to focus on the direction of speech. Paradise wearers will also have more control over how they hear thanks to a new personalized noise cancelling feature in the myPhonak app.

“When creating our latest hearing solution, we turned to nature for inspiration,” said Martin Grieder, Group Vice President of Marketing for Sonova. “Hearing is such an intricate part of our existence and fundamental for our overall well-being. Nature is also the source of so many sounds that can soothe, relax and comfort us. What better way to rediscover sound than with a hearing aid inspired by nature itself – Phonak Audéo™ Paradise.”

Universal connectivity

Phonak’s breakthrough universal connectivity features have also been enhanced for more ease-of-use. With new Tap Control, consumers can activate popular voice assistants, answer or reject calls, or even pause or resume audio streaming by tapping on their ear. Multiple simultaneous Bluetooth connections are now possible, allowing the wearer to easily switch streamed audio from one device to another across virtually any smart device or operating system.

Personalized Digital Solutions

With Paradise, Phonak also introduces a suite of personalized digital solutions so that hearing aid wearers can get the most out of their new hearing aids. Through the myPhonak app, consumers can now easily adjust the level of background noise, and even receive a hearing test directly through hearing aids without leaving their home. The Phonak Hearing Screener has also been upgraded so that any person can quickly receive a hearing assessment online.

Phonak Paradise is powered by proven lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology and provides a full day of listening including audio streaming¹:. Audéo Paradise will be available for order by licensed hearing care professionals in the U.S. begining August 19. It will be offered in all performance levels across four models, all Roger compatible, including the Audéo P-RT, a lithium-ion rechargeable model with telecoil.


Watch  The New PRISM Hearing Aid Processing Chip Video:


¹ Expected battery life of 16 hours, including 8 hours of AutoSense OS 4.0 listening paired with 4 hours of BT classic streaming and 4 hours of TV Connector streaming

Bluetooth® word mark is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such mark by Sonova AG is under license.

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